The use of remanufactured compressors is clearly beneficial to the environment, conserving the raw materials and the energy associated for their production. 

To secure these advantages of remanufacturing it is important to meet, as a minimum, the original compressor performance efficiency. Achieving this objective requires the use of the high quality materials and workmanship, and this is one reason why PRESTON’s use OEM parts and perform all production processes in-house. These measures also safeguard the service life of the compressor.

At PRESTON’s our business practices also demonstrate the commitment to sustainability. For example, during the remanufacturing process we remove all external paint and internal carbon deposits through benign procedures, including glass bead blasting and ultra-clean burning technologies. These processes have a minimal environmental impact when compared to the traditional practice of using aggressive chemicals.

Our commitment is underwritten by a corporate value and 10 year marker that states “The environment and sustainability will be a key element of our business proposition.”

PRESTON’s recognise the value of your investment and align this to a sustainable future.

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